Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Tidings

Warm wishes to you from the Yellow Wood for a wonderful Yuletide.

I have only a little more to do before the Yuletide season begins in earnest. How about you? I'll be painting on and then baking a plate for my parents today as well as printing another piece of cloth to wrap around their Ikea food goodies. I might make some shortbread too. Unfortunately it is humid and predicted to reach 31 degrees today, so turning on the oven is not a very appealing option!

Tomorrow, I'll head off to the (shudder) shopping mall to pick up a few last minute gifts (some of my online purchases have failed to materialise) and also buy the ingredients for apricot balls, cherry ripe slice and Russian fudge (if you like the sound of these, head over to Tiny Happy. Melissa has been posting some gorgeous recipes) which I'll make tomorrow afternoon. I'm on salad making duty on Sunday, so I'll also need the bits and pieces for pasta and cheese salad, potato salad and green salad. All of these are fairly quick makes, so I am not unduly stressed.

What's on your last-minute to-do list?


I have so enjoyed watching the repeats of Pride and Prejudice lately and now I am reading Emma with equal enjoyment. This may not be a Christmas scene but I couldn't resist posting a bit of Regency festivity at this time of year.

If you love Jane Austen and knitting, you might be interested to pick up Jane Austen Knits at I have just downloaded it and it looks absolutely beautiful.


Take care x


librarygirl said...

Happy Christmas to you lovely girl.

We watched Paltrow's Emma the other night!

Feronia said...

Thanks librarygirl :) I must get hold of that version of Emma. I remember seeing it in the cinema and quite enjoying it.

Pina said...

I wouldn't mind coming over and tasting all those goodies. :)

Have a wonderful Yuletide!

Max said...

your reminded me to pull out the bbc/colin firth pride and prejudice to watch over xmas. merry christmas x

Bodecea said...

A good Yuletime for you!

I just have to clean up a bit and finish the washing today - it is forbitten to do much work, especially washing, between Christmas Eve and New Year - says it brings you bad luck - cannot risk it this year!

Than wrap the last few present and finish... no special food planned. Had hot honey-wine yesterday at the fire.


Diana Kennedy said...

A merry Xmas and Yultime to you, too!

Nichole said...

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Feronia said...

@ Pina -

They were quite popular, actually. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday, Pina :)

@ Max -

It's a good one...Merry Christmas to you, Max x

@ Bodecea -

No housework, eh? I like the sound of that! Happy Yuletide to you, Bodecea :)

@ Diana -

Thank you Diana, and to you :)

@ Nichole -

Thank you Nichole, hope you're having a lovely time :)