Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Swedish for Retail Therapy?

In amongst a sudden and unexpected flurry of work stuff, I have been tinkering away on a few little crafty-cookingy type projects. Yesterday I made coconut ice. I don't know if this is an exclusively Australian confection? Essentially, it's a sugar-level-disrupting mix of coconut, condensed milk and icing sugar. So bad and yet so very good. I made this batch as a Christmas gift for a friend's little daughter and I am also planning some more for our Christmas Day stops, as well as brownies or perhaps rocky road.

I also stitched this brooch as a belated birthday gift for same said friend. Oh, vintage doilies, how I do love thee.

This morning I did one of my rare pilgrimages to Ikea. I have always liked Ikea but I have never been that excited by it. But today there were so many very good bits and pieces! I spent far more than I intended but I didn't buy anything I didn't really love or need (I think William Morris would approve).

On the fifth day before Christmas,
On a trip to Ikea I did buy,
Thirty birdy napkins,
Twelve fabric hearts,
Eight picture frames,
Four birdy placemats,
Three cooking pots,
Two scented candles,
Two nice prints,
Two jars of jam,
Two jars of mustard,
One bottle of glogg,
One packet of crispbread and
One packet of toff-ee!


Pina said...

Mmmm, this coconut ice looks delicious...

Feronia said...

It is good, I have to say, though you can't over-indulge on it...it's very sweet :)

Bodecea said...


Sefarina said...

I love coconut ice!

But I'm so done with shopping for this year...

librarygirl said...

haven't eaten coconut ice in years - yum.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -


@ Sefarina -

Do they make coconut ice in Germany? Yes, I am fast approaching being over shopping.

@ librarygirl -

You should whip up a batch for Christmas! I am thinking of making some White Christmas now too.

Sefarina said...

Oh yes. It's not that common in a supermarket but you can get it at most ice cream parlors.

Feronia said...

Ok. I didn't realise that :)