Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colour my world

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I am fixated on the colour green at the moment. I don't mean that loud, glaring apple green that seems to be so popular right now but soft greens, sea greens, heath greens, the muted palette of green taken from nature. I've seen it in tweed material, and in wool (the likes of which is also often described as 'tweed' in colour) and also in that very beautiful, gentle thing that is sea glass.

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I would love to do some beachcombing and find some more of my own seaglass but it is hot here in Australia right now, so every beach is packed to the gills. Not ideal for peaceful beachcombing or for getting to the prettiest bits of seaglass first! If you're in southern Australia, do you have a favourite beach?

What's your favourite colour? Where are you finding inspiration right now?


Pina said...

I had to think a bit about my favorite color at the moment... green and blue and cream white.

Bodecea said...

Since a while - all shades of reddish - orange, violet, red... Indian colours:

Sefarina said...

Green is a beatiful colour.

I like to wear really dark blue at the moment, like blueberries or grapes. It mixes nice with light grey and contrasts my reddish hair.

feronia said...

@ Pina, Bodecea, Sefarina -
What fabulous sounding colours! :)