Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Backwards and in heels

My sweet fella and I don't dance. So don't ask us (ha-ha). That was until...last night. We went to our first swing dancing class! My lack of coordination has been a well known fact since I was at primary school and my husband has two (self-professed) left feet but we have been thinking of swing classes for a while. We enjoy the music and it just looks like fun. We went to a Swing music night a couple of years ago, though, and it scared us to death. Everyone was moving so fast and they all seemed to know about a million different steps. So we retreated from that idea. But, new year and all, we thought we'd give it another try when we noticed that there were classes on offer not five minutes from where we live. So, we are baby, baby, baby swing dancers. One of the teachers very kindly and patiently walked (danced?) us through some very basic steps while the rest of the class leapt expertly around but it was fun. And we're going back next week.

Any new activities for you this year?


Pina said...

I keep saying - if you don't go, you don't have a story. It might take you long to learn how to dance but if you persist, good results will show at the end. Just don't give up!

Any new activities for me this year? It is too early to tell but I can say that dancing lessons are a nice idea. :)

Feronia said...

That's great Pina - if you don't go, you don't have a story. I love that. That may well be a motto for me this year!

Nichole said...

I wrote about dancing on my blog as well! I've never tried swing dancing, but I will someday! Thank you for posting!

Bodecea said...

My beloved one would kill me if I book dance lessons *lol* But it is cool, I some times would like to do this - I dud it being 15/16 (and it was traumatic) *lol*

Feronia said...

@ Nichole -

Great! I'll go over to your blog and check it out :)

@ Bodecea -

At 15, dancing lessons would have totally freaked me out too. But at my ripe old age I don't mind making a fool of myself quite so much!!

Sefarina said...

I'm into Lindy Hop, too. Advantage is, I can learn from a friend who gave lessons before she went back to university.
Have fun learning!

Feronia said...

@ Sefarina -

Great to have a friend on hand to teach you! It's fun, isn't it.