Thursday, January 5, 2012


I found this beautiful bowl at the op shop today. It's made a lovely addition to my little collection of Russian folk art bits. I'm not sure if it is in the 'Khokhloma' style (any thoughts anyone?) but it is just so lovely. I like that it is not pristine either - it looks like it has been used and loved.

Speaking of love, I have extended my yarn love to encompass mostly just green yarn and a particular shade of green at that. This is 'Rowan felted tweed aran' and I just love, love, love this tweedy green shade. I am looking at Fairisle and Aran knitting patterns at the moment - in other words punching well above my weight, skills-wise.

I am looking mainly for laughs on TV at the moment and I think I am finally into The Trip. Are you watching it? It didn't grab me at first and it still has moments of 'patchiness' for me, when I'm just not sure where it's going, but I do love their (apparent) ad-libbing.

We saw The Iron Lady on New Years Eve. Have you seen it? I knew next to nothing about Margaret Thatcher and this film gave me an interesting perspective on her. I couldn't say I warmed to her necessarily, but the complexities of her character were certainly well drawn out.


librarygirl said...

LOOOOOOOVED that sequence in the car in The Trip last night.So funny.
Iron Lady is the next movie I want to see before I go back to work.

Max said...

I can't bring myself to watch the 'thatcher' movie, I might have to scream or leave-I'm from a yorkshire mining community and family you see. I am excited at your intended foray into fair isle and arran knitting, I'm mad for fair isle in particular but it's hard to buy good ones, i soooo wish I could knit!

feronia said...

@ librarygirl

There are just some spectacular moments with the two of them, aren't there!

@ Max

I did feel that the impact of some of her policies wasn't quite fully dealt with.

feronia said...

@ Max part 2

I am still very much a baby knitter so why don't we be novices together? I could help you get started :)