Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you on the bus? *

I especially love the blue one...
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Item from Etsy shop: Ajs Patterns

Lately I have been getting in touch with my inner hippie. I have been scrolling through Etsy's vintage shops for far too long looking for maxi dresses, patchwork skirts and flowing handknits. Perhaps it has something to do with identifying with the era I was born in or maybe it is just listening to too much Judy Collins at the moment? Or maybe the clips of Life on Mars I have been enjoying all over again on You Tube? Whatever the case, the advice to tune in, drop out and turn on can never be bad advice for a stress monkey like me!

Do you remember the 70s? Or the 60s? Or perhaps you're just a hippie at heart?

Classic Maxi dress updated
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Item from Etsy shop: HippieGypsyBohemian

Gorgeous original Jean Muir dress
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Item from Etsy shop: Martin Mercantile

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Item from Etsy shop: Ruby Chic Boutique

The lovely Judy Collins
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* The American writer Ken Kesey, in relation to the 1960s Counterculture, said "Now, you're either on the bus or off the bus. If you're on the bus, and you get left behind, then you'll find it again. If you're off the bus in the first place — then it won't make a damn."


Pina said...

Oh, I also love that blue knitted coat (or whatever that is). :)

Feronia said...

Yes - sort of a long cardigan/coat thing! :) It looks so cosy.

Bodecea said...

Being a hippie is no matter of clothes - every square-head could wear flowers. It's maybe some kind of freedom in mind?

Feronia said...

Who are you calling a square-head? :) Just kidding. I think it's a combination of the two - a freedom of the mind is reflected in a style of dress.

Neus said...

Ohhh such a nice dresses!
And I really love the blue knitted coat! It must take so many hours of knitting! Have a nice weekend!

Feronia said...

Yes, some lovely stuff there! I much knitting! Hope you have a beautiful weekend too :)

Bodecea said...

Feronia - I believe in the 1960ties/70ties there were a lot of "square-heads" who wore "hippie-style" because it was fashion and not because they supported what it stands for (same with for example punk in my youth). And maybe it is even more like this now with the - dunno - third? fourth? - Hippie-Retro-wave... does not mean anything to buy flower power at H&M. It's only style. Nothing new under the sun. But I believe the movement of the hippies and 68ties (which was very policial in Germany) and its followers (like the womens movement, the ecological moovement etc) was so important and it is a bit sad it is forgotten today so much or even rejected... like The Clash sung: "Turning Rebellion into money"