Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food glorious food

Yummy doings from a fairly chilly weekend. Plain cake with tinned plums on top and soda bread. Both pictured here straight from the oven. Soda bread is very good with cream cheese and avocado on top! It's just like a giant scone, really.

The Polish restaurant on Saturday night was excellent too - potato blintzes, pierogi (Polish dumplings) and goulash, with hawthorn berry vodka to wash it down. Oh my.

What's been emerging from your kitchen lately?


Max said...

I feel sure i would like potato blintzes, i love potato done anyway, i must look them up. I just made tabbuleh and tzaiki to help clear a cucumber glut that were having with home made turkish bread, the smell from the oven is soooo good x

Feronia said...

Oooh, yummy! *Love* nibblies like that x

Sefarina said...

I didn't make anything fancy lately, but I'm trying to brew mead. ^^

How is your novel?

Bodecea said...

I eat stinging nettle and bear garlic almost every day in several forms.

Feronia said...

@ Sefarina -

I'd love to make mead. Is it hard to do?

The novel is progressing...but I am feeling a bit stuck at the moment. I write individual scenes but I am struggling to connect them.

@ Bodecea -

Yes, I read on your blog about some of the yummy things you've been making :)

Sefarina said...

Not at all. You might need some items and a special yeast to easier start and watch the fermentation, but it's pretty much going by itself. The german wikipedia site has some great advice, too.

Are you absolutely sure about which part of the novel the scenes belong to? Look at your protagonists reaction.
Do you have an outline yet?

Go on, you can do it!

Feronia said...

Thanks Sefarina - I should give it a go, because my husband has made beer quite successfully in the past.

I do have an outline but I am really struggling to write the 'connecting' narrative as well (or as satisfactorily) as the 'stand out' scenes. Hmmmm!

Feronia said...

By the way, Sefarina, I am having difficulty leaving comments on your blog - either my computer or Blogger is being very weird :(

Sefarina said...


I guess it's Blogger once again. No clue why or what to do about it. Thanks for telling me :-)

Feronia said...

I'm working on it! It's weird - it happens at some blogs but not at others.