Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wild and Precious

A lovely photo I took last year in Germany, while we were visiting with Bodecea.

Lately I have discovered the beautiful poetry of the American writer Mary Oliver. She writes so joyously and so compellingly about nature; its myriad, minutiae activity and its huge importance. I have Why I wake early from our local library. Have you read her poems?

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Some wonderful thoughts from Mary, which give me so much to think about in just a handful of simple but beautiful words.

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Pina said...

Nice words that make you think of your own life. I hope you have/had a good day today. :)

Bodecea said...

Wish you a wild and precious day and many to follow!

Feronia said...

@ Pina & Bodecea -
Thank you! I've had a lovely day :)