Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nature Studies

From Stuefugle I Farver

Nature seems to be so alive at the moment here, even though we are moving into Autumn. Keeping this in mind, I made a good find at the op-shop today - Butterflies and Moths from The How and Why Wonder Books series. Printed in the 1960s, I adored these books when I was a child. I read Our Earth and Ancient Egypt religiously. The illustration below is from Butterflies and Moths. Buying this book, I was reminded of two little books I bought in Denmark. Stuefugle I Farver (Pet Birds in Colour - I am guessing here, having used a Google translation) and Insekter I Farver (Insects in Colour). Printed in the 1950s, I spotted them languishing on a trestle table at an outdoor junk market in Ribe on Denmark's west coast. One even has a little old Christmas card tucked into it, to Sinna from SΓΈren (don't you love finding things like that in old books?)

From Insekter I Farver

A little sprig of tansy that I've put in water on the bathroom windowsill

Pretty little flowers on the windowsill - possibly weeds? - but lovely all the same

...& warm wishes to you for Easter


DILLY said...

Mweah Dilly Mummy luv find old things tukt in books too.

Dilly luv awl things berdy, fluterbyee an flowery.

Happy Eester!

We mayke card for Feronia, but be on envlope on desk. Send this week! (an sorwy miss berfday)


Feronia said...

Happy Eester to you too, Dilly! Looking forward to my card :) (and don't worry about missing berfday :))

Nichole said...

iI went to an exhibit on biological drawings of flora at my university. It was hands down my favorite exhibition. I love the attention to detail in those drawings, I'm completely mesmerized.

Feronia said...

Yes, I love biological drawings too - I bought a wonderful old one of a bee hive from Etsy recently. Great!