Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A room of one's own

I might have mentioned before that our house is a little on the small side. Or, as my husband puts it, "we just have too much junk!". So, as I've been building up a steady supply of jewellery making bits and other crafting goodies, I've realised that I actually have nowhere to do any crafting. The study is currently full to bursting with books, work-related stuff and fimo, beads, balls of wool, knitting needles, sewing needles, the sewing machine, pieces of fabric, embroidery hoops, knitting looms, get the idea. So where to work? On the kitchen table doesn't really work because it always has to be packed up fairly quickly again. My husband has been doing his woodwork under the carport but there's no real space for me there. Then it dawned on me - the sleep-out. So, over the Easter break, I am going to clear up the sleep-out, throw out a lot of stuff that simply doesn't need to be there (unopened mail from 1998??) and make a little spot for myself there. My own little studio. I am quite looking forward to it.

I have been avidly watching Downton Abbey on TV these last few nights - they've been screening double episodes of season 1 since season 2 is on its way. I love it. But then, I have always been a huge fan of period dramas, trailing all the way back to the Merchant-Ivory extravaganzas of the 1980s. So I have to say that this spoof on 'bonnet dramas' really tickled my fancy.


Helena said...

"our house is a little on the small side. Or, as my husband puts it, "we just have too much junk!". "

Tht looks like it could be a gorgeous little space for you but I am already scared of certain 8 leggy things on your behalf.... my sister recently told me about little white tipped beastys (?) that you have to shake out your clothes to check for? She says they get in the closet. Strooof!!!

Feronia said...

There have been hunstman spiders in there in the past. They're not poisonous though - just big and ugly! Perhaps your sister is talking about white-tailed spiders? They tend to lurk in shoes and gloves etc. that haven't been worn for a while. Can give you a very nasty bite, and they're only tiny :O

Bodecea said...

What is a "Sleep-Out"?

Feronia said...

It's a little shed. People sometimes used them as extra bedrooms.