Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We're having something of an Indian summer here at the moment - summer is having one last blow out as we move into Autumn. Apparently Friday will be 30 degrees! It's lovely outside - flowers are blooming and the air is alive with bees, their legs heavy with pollen. Of course, there are some of us who really know how to enjoy the sun!


Helena said...

that looks exactly like Figs, my beautiful blac and white cat- one of Scooter's sisters- I lost her to cancer in 2005 :( she is buried in my garden and the daffodils have just come up all round her ::::::( oh WOW

That is so like her. It's rare to get the tuxedo style cat without the white bib going onto the face. Please give her a lovely scrunch from me when you see her!!

Oh boy, I am remembering her velvety fur now, sooooooo soft.

Feronia said...

Wow - really? This is the cat from next door who seems to be living here at the moment! I have just fed her - she has a dish in our back yard and one in our front yard! She's been getting more and more smoochy lately. *So* sweet :)