Thursday, May 10, 2012

Golden Hands

Ages ago, while op-shopping, I found a copy of Golden Hands - a British craft magazine from the late 60s/early 70s. Then I discovered volume 1 of the collected Golden Hands (you know, one of those deals where you buy the first volume for a dollar and each consecutive edition ends up being $20). Wow, I thought to myself, imagine if I found all of the collected Golden Hands volumes... Then lo and behold, I did exactly that about three weeks ago in my local Salvos op-shop. I was gob-smacked. The whole 18-volume set! Although the covers suggest cheesy 70s crafts unlikely to appeal today, inside they are really well done with all sorts of very nice projects - knitting, embroidery, dressmaking (the maxi is back, you know!) and other, perhaps less considered crafts, like wall hangings and weaving. I am thoroughly enjoying looking through them and I've discovered that the trick is to take elements of the project that work for me, that I like, rather than taking on the original idea in its entirety and ending up with something that may well look a bit dated. For example, the stitched motifs on the back of the gloves above, inspired me to try out similar shapes and designs in stitches on a bit of felt.

Fun for all the family!

What craft projects are you working on at the moment?


Pina said...

Lovely. It is not really time for any crafting because it is spring outside. :)
Anyway, today I posted about one of my projects I finished over the holidays last week.

Bodecea said...

Keepings snails out of my garden ;-)

Feronia said...

@ Pina -

Quite the opposite here - crafting is a nice, cosy indoors project!

@ Bodecea -

Have you tried snail bait? I know it's not very kind but sometimes it's the only way if you're serious about keeping them out. Here, you can buy snail bait that won't kill your pets either.

Max said...

Its all rug, rug, rug here. Those gloves are A.C.E. there are two glden hands sitting at my local oppy for weeks, i must browse then next time i'm passing x

Feronia said...

@ Max -

Yes! Apparently there's going to be hail and snow here on Sunday. I reckon you'd *love* Golden Hands, Max :)