Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am taking my cue from the latest posts two of my favourite blogs today - Living in the kingdom of too much and Tiny Happy. I have had some great op-shop visits lately. Today, for example, I found a terrific collection of books, including Joan Phipson's childrens' book, Hide Till Daytime. It's about two children who are locked in a department store overnight. Did you ever wish for that? I had a favourite local shop when I was a child that specialised in Snoopy merchandise. I had my overnight stay there planned right down to what I would...uh...borrow from them while I was there on my own. Little wanna-be Fagin that I was (or perhaps Oliver Twist?) - if only in my imagination! I haven't thrown any books out, though, to even things up so I'd better get onto that if I am to keep visiting op-shops...

Teddy, above, was also one of today's finds. He has been in the op-shop for weeks, looking at me imploringly. I couldn't leave him on the shelf another day today. "Relax Teddy," The guy behind the counter said as I bought him "No need to look so worried - you're off to a good home." I've called him Stanley. What do you think?

Also found some sweet little Mac's Shortbread tins from the 70s. Perhaps this is a Melbourne-only reference? When I was a child I could smell the biscuits baking from our backyard. The factory (obviously) was not far away. Love little old tins for storing crafty bits in.

And Tiny Happy wondered today about what was making me happy. I would have to say the gorgeous warm sunshine - lovely after yesterday's grey day. Autumn's last hurrah, I think. Stanley, as you can see in the photo above, is lapping up some rays.

What's making you happy at the moment?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hallo Stanley!!!
Allways nice to meet a new Bear frend!
YEs, don't worry, yu have fownd a good adopter!

Wat is an op shop?
Is it like a charity shop that we have heer?
We like to look in those!
We hav lots in this town, all for diffrent charitys.
Mummy likes to go in the wuns that help animols!

I like the idea of old biskit tins. Duzz it still smell biskitty?

Wat is making me happy?
Hmm..... seeing the marigolds grow in the garden, I think. Or watching the baby starlings. They ar funny.

OH an frolicking pants.

Feronia and Stanley said...

Hello Bob,
Thanks for your welcoming words :) An op shop is an opportunity shop or charity shop. Mummy is *always* going into them. I think I'd better get me some frolicking pants. Mummy has found me a beret since that photo was taken but my bum's getting a bit cold - it's winter here!!
Stanley :@)

DILLY said...

Hope Stanley be fwends wiv Puff!

Puff said...

Stanley be vewy nice bear, Dilly. He not come into study vewy offen where wagons live but we sometimes see him when he sitting on living room couch.

Redspect said...

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