Friday, May 18, 2012

The stone of scone (hopefully not)

From Australian Home Beautiful, 1977

The op-shopping gods seem to be smiling on me at the moment. Yesterday, three editions of Australian Home Beautiful from the 1970s to feed my current 70s obsession. I love the walkway pictured here, with the greenery of the garden so much a part of the house. I also bagged three lovely pieces of Polish linen, all patterned like the one above (which has just come in from the clothesline, hence its rather crumpled state). They are just about the right size for small wall-hangings but in our little house, I am fast running out of vacant wall. What to do?

I found another vintage Puffin too - Henry Treece, Viking's Dawn - as well as Miss Read, Affairs at Thrush Green and the short stories of Chekhov. It also looks like I may have found myself a little job at the oppy...oh dear!

I am going to try out making scones tonight for the first time. I know - how did I get to be thirty-(mumble) and not have made scones? I found Approach to Cookery, put together by the Melbourne Home Economics Teachers' Group in 1965, in an op-shop a couple of weeks ago so I'm figuring their 'foundation scones' recipe for school kids can't be too hard... We have dinner with my parents on Friday nights, so scones will be dessert tonight with jam and cream! Are scones a universal food item? I don't know. If you've not heard of them, they're basically little floury buns - originally from Scotland, I think? There's a (place) Scone in Scotland, isn't there?? Any fellow scone makers out there?

And joy of joys, Dowtown Abbey season two is back on our poor deprived Antipodean tv screens this Sunday. Hoorah! Anyone else looking forward to it?

Enjoy your weekend - I'll see you next week.


Max said...

Warm cheese scones with lashings of butter are my personal fave, and once you have the scones mastered consider making pin wheels with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce-roll out the scone mix (the savoury kind) into a large oblong, spread on the cheese and chilli sauce then roll it up tightly and cut them into 3cm wide and bake on thier side glazed with a dab of milk. Very, very nice. Happy weekend x

Feronia said...

Sounds absolutely divine, Max. Thanks for the ideas :) I think it's going to be a scone-y sort of winter...

Sefarina said...

I've never tried scones, neither eating nor baking them. But one day I'll just have to.

Feronia said...

You definitely should, Sefarina. So yummy :)