Monday, May 28, 2012


My ardour for Eurovision is not quite what it once was! In the past, I have managed to watch both semi-final nights and the grand final but this year saw me watching the first semi-final night only. I had planned to watch the grand final, having assiduously avoided any mention of the winner all day on the news (here in Australia we are a day behind with the telecast, so the winner was already known), but our local news service announced the winner last night without so much as a "If you're going to watch Eurovision tonight, step out of the room now..." So, I thought, was there any real point in watching all the way through it last night? I watched Downton Abbey instead. But I must say I loved the Finnish entry by Pernilla Karlsson,  "När jag blundar" (which apparently translates from the Swedish as 'When I close my eyes'). Beautifully sweet but perhaps not the sort of 'dance anthem' that is likely to win Eurovision.

Did you watch? What was your favourite?


librarygirl said...

I liked so many of them: Iceland, Sweden,Ukraine, Russia, Turkey - others I've forgotten. Daughter bought the album on I-tunes so she's going to burn me a copy for the car!

feronia said...

Yes - Russia was great and loved Iceland too. Ah yes, I-tunes - I just bought the Finland song!

Diana Kennedy said...

I really loved Iceland and was pretty disapponted, if not shocked to see it this less popular at he votes. Really don't understand it.

As for the winner, (Sweden) okay, its not bad, but in my taste, there sere MANY that were far better. Great Britain, as an example. Geeat Britain which made an awful almost last place.

Your broadcast station is really not nice to give out the winners name. Didn't they have any consideration for People who want to watch and keep the suspense? Really bad.

Feronia said...

Yes, I was surprised that Iceland and Finland didn't make it through a bit better. And Britain always seems to do badly. Why, I wonder? Their singer this year was a very experienced performer. Yes, I'm majorly ticked-off with our local broadcasters!

DILLY said...

Mummy say UK allways do bad as uther countrys hate UK.

Uther coutries hate UK becos-
do too mutch for USA,
go war wiv USA,
not join Euro.

Eurovizon mayke Mummy grump.
Say, UK be wun country hav pay for Eurovizon. Put munny in so peeps can hav. But all votes be polly-tikol now. Not cownt.
An awl be mostly cwap enyway.

Mweah, mayke Mummy grump.

(Rushan gwannies be funny tho fnarr!)

Feronia said...

Have to agree with Mummy, Dilly. UK entry is often not too good!! Last good one, Bucks Fizz?? Oh, and Johnny Logan (I am old, Dilly!) Although maybe not joining Euro not such a bad idea now... Yeah, loved the Russian grannies :)