Monday, September 21, 2009

Salad Days

We're getting closer to summer in this part of the world and so my thoughts are turning to salads. Several months ago I read about the New York Times list of 101 salads and a number of the American blogs I was reading at that time enthused about the list: This was in the middle of winter here, when all I wanted to do was set myself up on the couch with a doona, a bowl of mashed potato and a side order of hot chocolate. Salads?, I thought, what be they? But now... so, on the weekend we tried salad number 1 and salad number 13.

Number 1:

Basil leaves
French dressing

Number 13:
Basil leaves
Shaved Parmesan
Balsamic vinegar

Number 1 disappeared before the camera could be brought out. I took a shot of Number 13 (above) which is not a great photo as you can see but if food could appear in an action shot, this would be it. The slightly shimmery, 'in motion' effect of it suggests (I think at least - my Fellow Traveller suggests it's simply blurry) the fact that my FT was hovering next to it, waiting to spoon some onto his plate.


Pina said...

I wish I had someone who would prepare salads for me... I have become one lazy cook in the last year...

Feronia said...

If only I could drop in and make you a salad, Pina! These ones are actually *so* easy.