Friday, September 18, 2009

Time Traveller

We have had a hard rubbish collection in our area this week. These collections only come around bi-annually and they're a very good opportunity for you to get out onto the curb anything that's been cluttering up your house/garage/yard for the last six months. By the time the council trucks arrive though, there really is just rubbish (that is, of the icky old mattress variety). The weekend prior to the collection, trucks, mini-vans and four-wheel-drives circle the area, vehicles stop, people leap out, inspect what you've left on the grass, take what they think they can use and drive off again. Some people even come prepared with tool kits to loosen parts from your old fridge/dishwasher/electric fan to use on theirs. We put out an old fridge - with the door removed as is mandatory - and someone took the fridge but not the door. Hmmm. One man's meat, as the saying goes. It's a lot like op-shopping. Everyone has their own use for something. Everyone sees these discarded objects in their own way.

While we were deciding what to throw out, we re-discovered my grandfather's prized radiogram. Made in 1966, it picked up only AM stations, but being a modern machine, it does have an inbuilt record player. I am rather shamefaced to admit that we had left it languishing in the driveway, under the protection of the car-port. We simply couldn't see where we could put it when we first moved in. But now, dusted down and carefully polished, it has pride of place inside once more. It's not working at the moment, so we'll have to get that sorted out. But what I want to know is, when we do get it fixed, will it still be 1966 inside that radio?

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