Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meat is Murder?

Photo courtesy of www.foreverill.com
You might recall several months ago I started to talk about the Ayurvedic diet. Made a lot of philosophic sense - check. Good for me - check. Recipes looked yummy - check. Did it happen? - nope. Once real life kicks in, very precise diets with long, involved recipes just don't happen for me. I don't know about you. But yesterday, I saw a segment on tv about the awful, awful, awful way most meat is acquired for our consumption; the conditions in which factory farm animals are, on the whole, forced to live (check out http://www.voiceless.org.au/ - but be prepared for some confronting images). So, for about the millioneth time in my life, I am considering vegetarianism. I have tried this on and off since, I would say, Morrissey was photographed holding this sign in the 80s. Morrissey is a renowned vegetarian and was one of my teenage heroes (heck, he's one of my heroes now) Or, should I say, I am considering eating less meat (mainly chicken and fish if I can manage it), assessing how the meat was produced when I'm shopping (is it organic? Free range?) and trying to (greatly) broaden my repetoire of vegetable recipes.

Do you know any good vegetable recipes? I can't think of a vegetable I truly dislike, so feel free to share whatever you enjoy. Are you vegetarian?


Bodecea said...

Hi Emily,

I am a more-or-less vegetarian (as you know), earing still fish but try to by only some which has a certification for sustainable fishery.

Do you know my autumn-recipes?

I think I have given them to you before.

I like a lot of vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips etc. cut into pieces, mixed with spices and a bit oil and baked in the oven.


Feronia said...

Thanks Bodecea. The 'root' vegetables are favourites of mine too...especially potatoes. Do you eat chicken?

Bodecea said...

No, I don't - Wirrlicht does! But we try to only buy this from a local producer were the Federvieh could live outside and is not driven through half the world before killed.

Wurst Semmel said...

I have never been big on meat and was quite happily vegetarian for many years until I moved to Germany. At that time, in that particular location, it wasn't very vegetarian friendly.

Now I have to eat meat because of a chronic iron deficiency but I eat as little as I can get away with. very lean and definitely no squiggly bits.

I used to make a delicious zucchini and leek tart but I've lost the recipe!

Feronia said...

To Bodecea -

Yes, I think I will continue to eat chicken provided the poor things have had some sort of life outside before ending up on my plate. The thought of life in a battery cage and then death is just too horrible.

To Wurst Semmel -

Leek and zucchini tart sounds delightful. I will have to watch the iron factor, actually, having had low levels before. And squiggly bits! Ugh, squiggly bits!! Just one little snippet of ventricle or whatever it might be and I am *finished* with a meal!