Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gilbert Fun

I am a bit of a sucker (ahem) for all things supernatural. I was a huge fan of Buffy, Angel and Charmed; now I watch Supernatural and there was even a show about real-life ghosthunters on here called Haunted Australia which I watched too. I don't know why because I am a complete coward with these sorts of things. I jump at shadows. I do hear things go bump in the night.

Perhaps I watch these shows for precisely that reason - they do have an element of truth for me. I believe in them. In fact, I believe I have actually heard a ghost - but that is another story for another day perhaps. As Shakespeare said, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Lately I have been loving Being Human. I watched it when it was first on last year, but I am loving it just as much second time around. It's the improbable tale of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together and trying to resolve their past and present situations - in short, being human. But unlike the teenage angst of Twilight (sorry, I just can't get into that one), it is told with great humour, as well as a real sadness at times.

A couple of weeks ago, the brilliant character of Gilbert was introduced into the show. He died in 1985 at the age of 19, so he remained decked out in the skinny jeans, the v-neck jumper, the black overcoat covered in badges and the winkelpicker shoes of the period, with the omnipresent Walkman clamped around his neck blaring out the Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Fall and the track he dances to here (complete with Morrissey-esque bunch of flowers) - Fun Boy Three's "Tunnel of Love". His mission was to cheer up Annie, the main ghostly character who's also featured here, and show her a little "Gilbert fun". Spooky supernatural stuff and the Smiths. Could it get any better for me?


Helena said...

Gilbert was hilarious!
I was born in 1967 so I'm an 80's gal really, and I was laughing so much with the 80's disco they went to, and his dancing in the park! LOL!!!!

I love Being Human.
Luvbug isn't into that sort of thing at all so I record it and watch it when he isn't around! Or, if I'm at my mum's, I watch the late night repeat when she's gone to bed.

The second series is on over here now!!! OoooOOOoooOooooOooo!

THANK YOU for all your cards, btw. I really must get organised and put up some photo's. Dilly slept with hers for a few days, she was so impressed.

Feronia said...

The music part of my brain was formed in the 80s, so Gilbert was just brilliant for me! No, my DH isn't too much into the spooky shows either so I tend to set myself up with some chocolate and have some solo tv viewing...Second series! Can't wait.

So glad you all enjoyed the cards, Helena! :)

Bodecea said...

Being human sounds great! I like the BBC-series very much, more than US-stuff. But Being human is not available at our German channels at the moment...

And I have seen all the Buffy-stuff, too.

Have you seen Torchwood (BBC Wales)?


Feronia said...

Yes, love Torchwood, Bodecea. The "Children of Earth" episodes are on here at the moment...nothing much more spooky than spooky kids!