Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Photo courtesy of Google images
And speaking of all things crafty that have caught my in-need-of-diversion eye of late, I have discovered Sashiko over at goodness ( It is a form of Japanese embroidery, often white stitches on dark cloth it would seem. Sometimes with a pattern to follow (as above). And it looks mainly to simply be running stitch. I could do that! (she says with her usual bravado of turning something extremely complicated into something extremely simple and only realising the actual skill gap when half way through the task). I suspect it may be what I perceive to be very Japanese - that is, making something look simple when it is in fact quite complex, and the beauty of the thing lies in that perceived but not actual simplicity.

Anyway, I will give a teensy-weensy-little go and let you know how it turns out. Does anyone else do Sashiko?


Jane said...

Came across your blog by accident as I randomly searched for Japanese embroidery. Set a bookmark and I'll be back to read more. I don't do sahiko I do traditional Japanese embroidery, but you are right, it can be incredibly simple, or very complicated but looks very simple. Try doing a search for Susan Briscoe - she does some very nice work and also had done some kits and books.

Feronia said...

Many thanks for that, Jane. Lovely to see you here!

Stardust said...

Ok, I'm ashamed. This is the first time I've learnt of Sashiko.. =P

P/S: I'm launching a new cross-stitch project soon, I hope. =P Happy weekend!

Helena said...

OOO this looks interesting! I'm looking forward to your results, and might try it myself :)