Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Right now, in eight

Old Faithful...still in use, but less and less.

The medication box...still in use, but less and less (yay!)

Good company...my DH working at home today.

Getting creative...back to some cardmarking.

Rediscovering the joys of the ipod while I get creative.

Getting even more creative...going to make some Fimo critters this afternoon.

My 'busy corner' of the living room, near the couch...finally finding the time to read all those magazine articles and books that have been sitting around for the last six months! Even managing to tardily sew on the odd button...hence the sewing box.

Getting even more creative...starting a new knitting project even though I haven't finished the last one. I just liked the wool.

I have borrowed this idea from Amanda's wonderful blog today over at SouleMama (http://soulemama.typepad.com/soulemama) The notion of pausing and looking at what's around me right now really works at the moment, since I am taking things one step at a time (literally!) and trying to appreciate each moment as I slowly get over my recent bout of sciatica.
Looks like I am getting better, though...all this activity suggests I am getting bored!

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Helena said...

Good to hear you are starting to mend :)