Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grange Hill

Did anyone else watch Grange Hill in the 80s? I was a huge fan and I was watching it when I was at secondary school so I really connected with it. Remember when school was the biggest thing in your life? How hard it all seemed...and then you grow up and get some real problems! I hadn't thought of GH for years but for some reason You Tube-d it today and remembered how good it was. Aaaah, the 80s. Aaaah, I'm getting old. Now I've just ordered Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. The Internets and me are a bad, bad thing :)


Diana Kennedy said...

Ah, yes old school times...in the Eighties. Must admit it was not my happiest time and I guess I had my real big problems back then and not now. :-/
But my time in the 70ties was happy. Therefore I adore Films and series that play in that decade.
I did not know this series. Wonder if it was distributed in Europe, too.

Feronia said...

I don't know. Perhaps not - it was a fairly 'England-centric' show. Yes, isn't it funny how anything from a particular era you were happy in is instantly remembered fondly, irrespective!