Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A nice time was had by all

We had a very enjoyable Easter break and I hope you had the same. Finally managed to get some work done in the garden after the battering it took in a massive storm some weeks ago and finally tie-dyed a t-shirt which I've been meaning to do for about a year (or at least that's how long the dye had been in the drawer!). And it came up really quite well (at least, the bathroom is not now purple and I have just dared to buy some more dye). Isn't it satisfying to do things that have been simmering away on your mental list?

We also baked - me a pretty good batch of rock buns (even if I say so myself - at least, the cake tin is now empty so they can't have been too bad!) and my DH a really lovely macaroni meatloaf (starting to move into winter comfort food). I framed a collection of old photos of my father to give to him. We had a nice day trip on Sunday to visit my husband's family and yesterday we did a little shopping, a little lunching and a little wandering around the art gallery (and found some Pre-Raphaelites!) Oh, and ate lots and lots and lots of chocolate :)

Only one problem - my supremo-watch-out-paparazzi-here-I-come camera continues to befuddle me and although I took some snaps on my mobile, it now tells me that 'the front camera is not working'. Oh well. Words will just have to paint enough of a picture of my very nice break!


Pina said...

I had lots of chocolate as well... :/

Diana Kennedy said...

Storm? Must have been these storms that fall always bring with it (at least here). The kind of storm that blows away the last impressions of summer. Theres something scary and beautiful with them alike. And yes, they can do much damage in a garden.

Glad you had a fine easter!

Feronia said...

Chocolate is an unavoidable part of Easter, Pina, I just submit to it!

Yes, we had a massive hail storm here about three weeks ago. It smashed up the plastic roof over our back steps and left dents all over my car. The magnolia tree may never be the same again, I suspect. Its leaves were just pummelled.