Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A case of the sniffles

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I like it when it gets cooler, I said. Summer's too hot, I said. Winter's a good time to get all snuggly, I said. You were there - you heard me say it. But I forgot how annoying my sinuses are once it starts to cool down. I am currently using two different types of nasal spray and the occassional antihistamine tablet but still I sneeze and sneeze...and sneeze. And then the headaches start :(

Bodecea has recently suggested using a saline solution to clean out the nose which has been great (thank you) and so I'm wondering if anyone else has some other good suggestions.

Yours in sniffles,


Pina said...

I drink echinacea tea during winter against cold, but I have no idea what would help against sneezing. :/

Feronia said...

I might try echinacea. I've used it in the past against colds too. Thanks for reminding me, Pina :)

Diana Kennedy said...

Unfortunately I don't know any Tip. I have the same problem and nothing really helps. Hope you get better!

Feronia said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Diana. It's terrible, isn't it. So many people seem to have this ailment.

Stardust said...

Oh.. sadly I don't. But I'm sending healing vibes, hope the symptom goes easy on you soon.