Friday, May 21, 2010

Come into the garden

Scenes from my beloved backyard. Though it's a little rambling and overgrown, it brings me a lot of peace. You can still see where the hail storm hammered the plastic covering over our back steps (behind Athena). I'm not sure if the little red mask is a cheerful sprite or a demon, but he guards our sleep-out (shed) nonetheless. The rosemary never seems to die out, and neither do the geraniums.

Enjoy your weekend.


Pina said...

It seems that you have a lovely garden. Mine is obviously so boring compared to yours. Though I wouldn't like to have any "faces" in my garden and I also don't like pictures with "faces" (people) hanging on the walls in my home. I have no idea why it is so, but I don't like that someone keeps staring at me all the time...

Will you show us more of your garden? :)

Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

I like the pictures of your garden, especially the red demon.


Diana Kennedy said...

I also would love to see more of your garden. These faces sure add something special. How inspiring! Might look for similar items for mine. Yes, such a backyard can be so very much to us, a place to retire, to call our own and where we can breathe.

Feronia said...

@ Pina, Bodecea & Diana,

Thank you for your kind words! Happy to post some more snaps of the garden :)