Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doings on a Tuesday

A while ago I mentioned to you some embroidery I had been doing from old iron-on transfers that I found in the op-shop. I promised to show you the results but I never quite got around to it! So here goes... More on last weekend's stitching action soon.

I have just played a very nice game of 'chasey' with the cat next door. He often pads through our yard en route to his feline journeys and he used to stop to chat but today he just didn't want to. Other things to do. So I gave gentle chase with my camera and he deigned to pause for this very noble snap.


Diana Kennedy said...

These embroideries are beautiful. So gracile and fine. The cat remembers me of one I once had. (same colors) The green of the grass he's in says, its really spring where you are!

Sefarina said...

Ich wünschte ich könnte den Winter einfach überspringen und gleich bei euch im Frühling weitermachen...

Feronia said...

@ Diana -

Thanks for your kind words :) Yes, it's getting greener here for sure. I like having the longer grass in the garden because the cats around here just love it.

@ Sefarina -

Yes, winter's a hard time for you in the North. I sympathise! It's been a long winter here.