Monday, August 2, 2010

Herbie goes Gardening (Gardening goes Herbie?)

Now that spring is starting to poke its nose out from under the winter covers, my mind is wandering back towards the garden. I have decided to plant a small herb garden in the backyard but I'm not sure what to plant. Has anyone got any suggestions for a sometimes shady, sometimes hot patch of soil?


Bodecea said...

Uh - hard to say. Why not visiting a garden centre or something like this and get some inspiration there?

Or have a look at a good gardeners catalogue - I like this one (see below), but of course it would be wiser to choose an Australian one ;-)

But maybe have a look at the catalogue - there are so many interesting plants and hints if they need a lot of light or water or whatever, and if they are easy to grow or not:

Diana Kennedy said...

Yes, hard to say, since I don't know what grows in your climate. But the idea of a herb garden is wonderful

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

Thanks for the link! I'll have a look.

@ Diana -

Yes, I'm really looking forward to planting it because the spot I've chosen is immediately opposite our back stairs so (hopefully) I'll have lovely herbs to greet me whenever I go out into the yard.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Bugle is gud in the shade, an anuther herb calld sweet cicely. An so is a shrub calld erm, not shor but Mummy calls it a Bleeding Heart Bush. Yeah, that likes it warm and shadey. Do yu get them thare?

Come an see how my oak tree is doin!

Feronia said...

Thanks Bob. I've heard of sweet cicely and I'll do some research on the other ones :)