Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News from Nowhere

We are still having some very wintery weather here at the moment, though I suppose this is fair enough given we still have a couple of weeks of winter to go. There was a tornado a couple of hours north of us yesterday. A tornado! Apparently they do sometimes happen in Australia but I had assumed this was pretty much an American phenomenon. Strong winds here today too apparently, and lots of rain - the latter of which we can't complain about given that in a couple of months I will probably be telling you how hot it is!
Even though spring is coming (I think), I have decided to embark on a fairly wintery knitting project. Having immersed myself in Little Dorrit and more recently Return to Cranford, I have decided to knit myself a very simple shawl. Not terribly large, just to go over the shoulders as seemed to be the Victorian style. And being the novice knitter that I am, I think it will all be in a knit stitch. I know - potentially not the most exciting garment in appearance - but potentially nice & snuggly warm.
You may have noticed the lack of my own photos on here since my trusty point-and-shoot digital camera died and I got my schicki-micki Sony a300 for my birthday. Well, I basically can't master the bloody thing! There, I've admitted it. Every time I try to load photos from it onto the computer, it tells me they're too big and it jams the computer. What do I do? Any advice most welcome.
Every time I go into an thrift store these days I seem to find a good book. As I result my bedside table and living room coffee table are bulging! Currently I'm reading Walking in Pimlico by Ann Featherstone (a Victorian whodunit), Wintering by Kate Moses (about Sylvia Plath) and Pride and Prejudice. Crazy Aunt Purl has set up a virtual bookclub over at her site and the latter is our book to start with. I've got Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook and Emily Perkins' Novel about my Wife lined up to start on next. What are you reading right now?


Pina said...

Reduce the size of the photos you take (instructions for your camera will tell you how to do this). Maybe this will help.

I am reading The secret life of birds at the moment, and lots of other books in between.

I hope that you will post a photo of your new shawl. :)

Bodecea said...

As Pina said - try to reduce the size of the pictures (save-settings or so).

I have read Wintering in my holidays, I wrote you about it :-).

Now I read a book Wirrlicht was given as birthday present from a friend - it's a regional crime story (Allgäukrimi) called "Rauhnacht".


Diana Kennedy said...

Toprnoadoes sometimes even happen in Europe. And they increase, as it seems.
Yoir knitting project sounds interesting!

Feronia said...

@ Pina -

Thanks for your advice, I'll try it. I am not very technically savvy!!

The Secret Life of Birds sounds good...I am so enjoying watching the local birdlife here at the moment.

It may be a while before I have a shawl to show! But hopefully by then I will finally have the camera working and can photograph it!!

@ Bodecea -

Thanks :) Rauhnacht is to do with Winter Solstice or perhaps I am getting confused??

@ Diana -

The winds were up to 90 km/h last night...crazy weather!