Friday, October 15, 2010


A bid for freedom detected... Our neighbourhood cat who lives next door has a penchant for eating the local birdlife. Recently he has been fitted with a collar and bell. Yesterday I found said collar and bell undone and abandoned in our yard. How does a cat undo a collar? Gotta admire his determination. And I wonder what getting a collar off feels like for a cat? Something like finally unwedging something that has been caught in your teeth, I should imagine...!


Diana Kennedy said...

Collar was probably too loose. Sometimes, Cats manage to get their jaws under the collar and bite it trough.

Feronia said...

They're basically wild creatures, aren't they, and we like to think we "tame" them with collars etc.!

DILLY said...

Mayke Dilly larf!

Mr Scooter be too big for collar. Maybe big dog collar fit. Mummy never try. Say, hoo want bell go ding ding ding ding on hed? Not be kind!

Not werk for mayke cats not hunt- wen cat hunt, go low, go slow. NOT go jingle jangle! SO bell not jingle wen go hunt enyway.

Wun time Mummy put collar on Fluffy, but mayke FLuffy long hair go in nots. Uther time put collar on old cat, Figs, then Figs come in wiv wun arm stuk inside collar, an go hop hop hop... Mummy larf but tayke off. Say, ok, not ware collars.


Feronia said...

Be good vewy gud aneckdotes, Dilly. I now be larfing! I agree - bells not so gud.