Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Now, Here is the News

I couldn't resist posting this video, which had me laughing out loud. The Old Spice ad is certainly funny but I think Grover's take on it adds a whole other dimension.
The weather has done a complete backflip here since yesterday. It had been beautiful - blue skies, sunshine and really quite warm - but today it is grey, overcast and pouring with rain. I don't mind it, though - there was such a wonderful, fresh smell to the air this morning.
I have had (what I think is) a good idea for a novel so I am writing furiously at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the creative well doesn't go dry on me before I have a first draft done! This has happened to me before - I have a great idea, I start writing and then - bam! - the Muses up and leave.
I am hoping we will get away on a little mini-trip before this year is up. I am plumping for either Japan or Singapore, since both are quite close to us. I saw a documentary last night on how the Geisha are trained and so I am super-keen on Japan again (not that I would make it as a Geisha, I don't think!)
Whether we get away, though, is a tricky question. The year is fast disappearing and the 'Only...weeks until Xmas' ads have already started on the TV. I know I have railed against it here before, but the whole thing just turns into such a commercial fest of bleugh. Any real meaning to it all but completely disappears. My real celebration will be at Summer Solstice, anyway. Christmas, I have to admit, has become a bit of a case of just turning up. Bah! Humbug!
So, what's news with you?
PS Sorry the video has loaded in wide screen. Have no idea why it has done this. Any thoughts?


Diana Kennedy said...

I hate it when ads and commercials for Xmas start so early. Here too, plenty of santa shit in the stores. But we don't do Xmas, anyway. Oh, fine to read that you are caught in a creative wave and write a novel!

Bodecea said...

I am looking forward to your new novels (when I find the time to read them... first time I am looking through more than 1-2 blogs today since last Thursday!). What I do? work, mother, corrections from morning to evening... but it's ok!

Feronia said...

@ Diana -
What do you do during the Xmas period? Celebrate Yule?

@ Bodecea -
I will send some of it to you as soon as it's looking a bit more 'together'! Look forward to your thoughts on it :)