Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday musings

Has anyone noticed that Blogger is being a bit difficult at the moment? Or is it me? I have tried to write this post about five times over the course of the day. I wanted to post a clip of Sandie Shaw singing the Smiths song "Jeane" because I am listening to it non-stop at the moment and it just will not post. Ah well. Check it out for yourself on You Tube if you like :)


Made some delicious Irish soda bread on the weekend which was so easy. I never thought of myself as a bread making person. I always thought it was super tricky. But...soda bread has no yeast. This is the secret. Yeast is scary - you have to warm it and watch and do all sorts of things that I generally can't be bothered doing. And my lovely husband made pumpkin pie from one of the many pumpkins he's grown in the garden. Good baking weekend. How about you?


Does anyone know what to do with rosehips? I have lots of them on my old rose bush in the front yard and it has recently dawned on me that you can eat (or drink) rosehips. But how...?


Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

I do not know if all kins of rosehips are tasting good, I know only marmelades or teas made from the dog rose (Rosa Canina).

Just try something! :-) - I eat them in autumn from the bush directly (avoiding the hairy seeds).

They have a lot of vitamin C.


librarygirl said...

Blogger had been atrocious for me since the upgrade, now using firefox and no problems at all!

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

Thanks. Marmalade sounds good!

@ librarygirl -

Right. Might be time for a swap!

DILLY said...

Mummy mayke Irish soda bred wiv buttermilk in. Leev to rise in bowl wiv damp tea towel over top!

Not lowd now as be on diet!

MWEAH! Blogger DO be very orkwerd laytely!!!!!

If hav time, pleez come vote in Dilly new poll!!!


Feronia said...

Mummy be vewy gud to be on diet, Dilly. I shuld be too after lots of 'holiday eating'!

I always hav tyme to visit Dilly!

Pina said...

Yeast is not scary at all, it is just important that it is fresh, and then you don't need to do all those sort of things you think you should be doing. :)
I just put it into some warm water with sugar for about two minutes, so that it dissolves. And that's it!