Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thrifting

I have had some great fun op-shopping (or thrifting if you prefer) of late. This great 50s souvenir tea-towel from the Gold Coast for one (I have included just a panel of it here).

I am totally making this guy from The Complete Book of Handicrafts, bought this very day for $1! I love his purple nose.

This is so pretty and I am in the mood to do a bit of cross-stitching at the moment.

And to think this was in the bargain bin for $1!

I also bought a copy of Geraldine Brooks' March for just $3 - I have been meaning to read it for so long, having so enjoyed Year of Wonders.

Have you found any goodies on the thrift trail lately?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yes, Mummy went to a 'rummage sale', ware they throw evrything on taybols an yu hav to rummage!

She bort a wool scarf that she is going to shrink an mayke into felt, an a cotton top that she is going to cut up to line a bag she mayde. They cost 50p.

Wilst thare, I didn't find enything. I thort they wud hav sum toy cars I cud hav but they didn't. So I just sat on the side an had a cayke.

librarygirl said...

1. tea towel envy
2. I had that book when I was a teenager!
3. I really liked march, but YOW I liked better
4. re op-shopping - i have a fetish for champagne saucers at the moment and have been buying them for fifty cents each!

Feronia said...

@ Bob -

Sounds like Mummy found sum gud stuf, Bob. And I agree, when in douby, hav a cayke!

@ librarygirl -

1. It was from the 'YES' op-shop on Mahoney's Rd Forest Hill.
2. It's such a great book!
3. Will it matter that I haven't read Little Women, do you think? (though I have seen the film)
4. What's a champagne saucer? My current fetish is (preferably vintage) hand-knitted jumpers.

Feronia said...

Ha-ha - that should be when in doubt, Bob!

librarygirl said...

The wide, old fashioned flat saucers on stems - now everyone has good taste champagne flutes instead. I really like the retroish look of the old shape so I'm going to start a revival!

I like that op-shop but the Lion's club one down the hill is better - messy, messy, messy. Their rent has been put up and they are moving next month, alas.

I made the daffodil cake while you are away Miss Doppelganger - wasn't mad on it, mine was dry. report back on the raspberry one.

sorry for the essay!

Feronia said...

@ librarygirl -

Love those champagne parents have heaps of them. So glamourous!

Oh no - where is the Lion's Club one going to?

Yeah, Daffodil was a bit uninspiring (except for the walnuts) and dry...raspberry is just out of the oven and looking good so far...I am planning on making sickening proportions of raspberry icing to top it with :)

librarygirl said...

Am going to look up the raspberry cake recipe. red checked cookbook - yes?

When I spoke to Mary about a month ago they still didn't have anywhere yet, but hopefully in Blackburn south somewhere...

Feronia said...

@ librarygirl -

Yes, red-checked cookbook. And it was good - better than Daffodil.

Went to the Lion's Club op-shop this morning - they are definitely packing up. Will post about goodies on Monday. Have you been to the two op-shops in Blackburn South (Canterbury Rd.)?