Friday, July 15, 2011

To Ribe

The Norns, the weavers of fate, greeted us at the entrance.

The great Lord and Lady in the atmospheric half-light of the long house.

"Yeah, yeah. I do a lap of the field and then I come back to you. I get it."

A view from one of the huts onto a herb garden.

One of the beautifully painted walls in the long house.

One of the sweet little huts. I could move right in, but how would I blog??

Goosey, Goosey Gander, where shall I wander?

A quiet, simple moment in the long house. It was so peaceful and again made me wonder what we have really gained in modern life...

Next stop in Denmark was Ribe, in Southern Jutland. It's Denmark's oldest town and there is much made of the Viking past here. Having read up on Norse mythology before we left Australia, this was more than fine with me. The Ribe Viking Centre, slightly out of the town itself, was absolutely great and as an open-air museum, it did really give me a sense of what life in a Viking village may have been like (until we got to the cafe and the gift shop, of course!) Seriously, the traditional long house was wonderfully atmospheric to walk through and we absolutely loved wandering amongst all the farm animals pottering around! I was amused, though, when we went to the falconry display and the falcon...left. He taunted the falconer for a while, flying in great sweeping loops around our heads and then he was off into the forest!


Pina said...

I read a book about Vikings some time ago, and honestly, I wouldn't like to live in that time. Especially not as a woman.
Though, the village you visited looks very peaceful, and indeed, I would be tempted to live in that little hut myself. :)

Diana Kennedy said...

Oh yes, I'd like to live in such a little hut, too. beautiful photos.

Feronia said...

@ Pina -

I think things were better for women then than we imagine but of course very different to how they are now. It's a great hut, isn't it!

@ Diana -

Thanks :)

Larisa Hunter said...

I was wondering if you would consent to lending your photo as a book cover and web banner for a heathen group...i have seen the photo around in various places but i am unsure of permissions to use this photo.