Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunnyside Up

Some lately thrifted goodies...I had trailed around one of our local op-shops yesterday and had not really found much of note. As I sometimes do, I thought 'I'll just go quickly around once more' and lo and behold some lovely folky wooden goodies had just been put out, just right for my current Scandinavian folk art craze. These lovelies are now on the kitchen wall.

We went to The Vintage Shed in Tyabb (http://www.thevintageshed.com.au/) on the weekend and it was great. Lots and lots of wonderful stuff and no absurd prices. Well worth the drive if you are so inclined. Part of my haul (only a little one - I will have to go back soon) was this gorgeous set of 70s egg cups. And...the greatest geek accolade of all...they were stilll in their original wrapping.


Bodecea said...

Hahaha, we had exactly the same egg-cups when I was a childe. No idea where they have gone or if they were still anywhere in our house.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

I think they migrated to Australia! There were heaps of them on Sunday.