Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Dream of Doxie

Image from www.danbleudachshunds.com

I have lately fallen in love with dachshunds. Something about those big, sad eyes, crazy, floppy ears and the strident little strut on (seemingly) such a movement-challenged dog!

Image from www.dachshundlove.blogspot.com/

Image from www.vintagehomearts.com

If I get one, I am so knitting him this jacket.

Image from www.dogbreedsadvice.com

Someone has told me, though, that they are not very bright dogs. I don't really mind. What, are you getting a dog for the conversation?

Image from www.friedapup.weebly.com

Image from www.pinterest.com

And best of all? If my Google search is anything to go by, they are a very vintage dog!

Image from www.enjoydoxies.com

But I probably won't get a dachshund after all because I am committed to rescuing a dog from the RSPCA or a similar organisation when I do decide to get one and not many doxies seem to turn up at the pound! Oh well, I can keep dreaming of those determinedly trotting little feet and ears that blow in the wind...!


Pina said...

Oh, I think that you should get one if you wish to have it so much.

Feronia said...

@ Pina -
Yes, perhaps you're right! :)

Bodecea said...

Why not - small dogs get older and are not so much work and suit better into a city. But even with a doxie or Pug you will have to walk a lot!


Bodecea said...

Ok, no pugs - they cannot stand the Australian heat...

librarygirl said...

I'm not a dog person but the doxie pics are adorable. I do love pugs too - maybe i am a dog person???

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

No worries for me walking now that we're heading into spring and summer!

@ librarygirl -

I love pugs too. A favourite of Edward and Mrs Simpson, so very much a vintage dog too! I didn't think I was dog person for a long time either.

Diana Kennedy said...

I don't think any dog is really bright...but they can be adorable and that is what counts.

Feronia said...

@ Diana -
As a 'cat person' is there a chance you're a little biased, Diana? :)

Stardust said...

You know I really thought you'd be more of a cat person. ;)

I'm all for doxie. This time last year I was combing places for a dream puppy but it didn't happen, in a way I'm glad it turned out this way... Figure out your feelings and go look see, if the fella steals your heart, you know it's the one and it's meant to be. ;)

Feronia said...

@ Stardust -

I used to think I was a cat person too! I think I am a cat and dog person, though it is very dependent on the dog. Big dogs scare me!