Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is beautiful

We have had some beautifully sunny days of late - Spring is definitely here! The garden is bursting with life - some of its own accord, some cultivated. On the weekend, my husband planted tomatoes, zucchini, artichoke and a blackcurrant bush so there's lots of treats in store.


Pina said...

I am glad we have this blogland, so that in a month or so, when our land will be dull and cold, I will be enjoying reading your posts, looking at your beautiful colorful plants on the photos, and maybe because of this winter months will be a little bit easier to survive.

librarygirl said...


Feronia said...

@ Pina -

Glad to ease your winter a little if I can, Pina :) I know your gorgeous mountain photos have done the same for me this year!

@ librarygirl -

Oh yes!