Friday, September 2, 2011

Hope and other everday things

Two ring finds while thrifting this morning - the one above turns out to be silver and the one below is opal, an Australian semi-precious stone (I think this one will end up in my Etsy shop)

Listening to: Suede
Drinking: My old fave - milky coffee
Eating: Beans on toast for lunch - yum!
Wearing: Fewer layers - hello again Spring!
Hoping: Just hoping. It's a nice state to be in.

And what about you?

PS Thanks to Pip at Meet Me At Mikes ( for this meme.


Neus said...

Listening to Mishima
Drinking cinnamon tea
Eating chocolate
Wearing a denim summer dress
Hoping to have a good reentré to work :)
Enjoy the weekend!

Feronia said...

Cinnamon tea...yum! Hope your return to work goes well :)