Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogtober Day Six - Weekend Happenings

On the weekend, I finally managed to get something done with a lovely little set of vintage swap-cards depicting different types of fruit that I bought at a flea market in Copenhagen. There are also cards of vegetables and nuts in the deck, but I like the fruit ones the best. I had had them just on their own on the kitchen wall, but then thought that framing them would be better.

Discovery! I started knitting with two balls of yarn last night, following a suggestion from the magazine I mentioned last week. You know I am but a baby knitter - I'm sure all you knitters out there have been doing this for ages! But I enjoyed trying out something new.

And so it begins...the first recipe tried from the Australian Women's Weekly Sweet Old-Time Favourites - Caramel Cornflake Chews. They are very like Anzac Biscuits but without the oats. I was going to post the recipe but I got scared after reading the copyright section of the cookbook! These are super yummy, though. Hot out of the oven - gooey in the centre. Oh yes.

How was your weekend?


Max said...

OMG those cookies look good! good on you with the knitting, I keep trying and giving up, trying and giving day x

Feronia said...

@ Max -

Thanks :) The cookies are pretty yummy, even if I say so myself :)) I went through the same thing with knitting but now I am just keeping on with garter stitch - nothing fancy - so I'm knitting without driving myself nuts that I can't do some amazing stitch! x