Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogtober Day 5 - At Home

The fairies are definitely about at the moment. I know this because they have planted a little ring of daisies in our garden!

I have decided to make use of my grandmother's cutlery set. She only used it when my parents and I came for Sunday lunch and every Sunday, after lunch, I was placed in charge of polishing each piece and returning it to the homemade calico pouches they lived in. We certainly won't use it every day but it now has its own drawer in the kitchen as opposed to being bundled up in a bag as it was when I just wasn't quite sure whether I should use it or not. Brings a nice little touch to things, I think, and reminds me of those lovely Sunday lunches. Do you have anything special like that?
I can feel a bake-a-thon coming on...there are so many goodies in the Women's Weekly cookbook that I mentioned yesterday...cinnamon teacake, swiss roll, caramel cornflake chews, melting moments, chester squares... I'll let you know what I chose to make on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend.


Max said...

ahh that looks lovely. Me and my sis would dance our dolls around in any daisy, or mushroom circles we found as girls, hoping the magic would rub off on them and make them come alive at night I think!

Pina said...

Older I get, more I like things from the old days. I don't have anything like that cutlery you have, I have only one piece of tablecloth made by my grandmother but it is still "safely" stored in a closet and I have never used. :)

I hope you will be able to show us some baked goodies... yum! Have a nice weekend, too.

Feronia said...

@ Max -

Oooh, toys coming alive at night - I used to long for that! Actually, think I still do... :)

@ Pina -

Tablecloths and embroidery are the most special things of all - I love anything handmade.

The weekend's been good so far - lots of sun :)

Diana Kennedy said...

The Photos are very lovely, especially the ring of daisies. reminds me of my early childhood when we were out in the meadows pi cking them up and tining them into our hair.
What are "swiss rolls"?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Gosh I hav never seen dayzees growing like that!

I am glad yu ar in spring at larst cos I noe the dark munths mayke yu sad.

I am lookin forwerd to seeing wat yu bayke! Will it be choklitty? Or lemonny? Will it hav currants an sultanas? I don't like thoze since Dilly told me they wer reelly ants.

Feronia said...

@ Diana -

Daisy chains - yes! Swiss roll is a sponge cake cooked in a flat tin so that the cake comes out only about a couple of inches high. It is then spread with jam and rolled up.

@ Bob -

So good to hear from you, Bob! Yes, it is lovely to see some sunshine - makes you feel just that little bit better :)