Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The C Word

Every year I say to myself, "I hate Christmas! It's so commercial! Why can't we have Christmas like they used to and make things to give? All this materialistic rubbish!" etc., etc. You get the idea. And every year I completely fail to practice what I preach because I can't think of what to make for people that won't appear to be some horrible, second-rate, cobbled-together, cheapskate gift rather than something gorgeously handmade that people will cherish.

But this year I am determined to make at least some handmade gifts. The question is - what? I am toying with the idea of some 'quick makes' on the knitting loom, like fingerless gloves (even though I am still very much a novice) and I am also thinking of lemon butter since our lemon tree is going absolutely mad at the moment and there are lemons everywhere. Then I get stuck for ideas. Do you have any suggestions? What gorgeous things are you making/have you made?


More music today...the wonderful Sandie Shaw, first singing one of her 60s classics and then a song she originally did with The Smiths. I have discovered a Smiths tribute band (Plagiarism Begins at Home), actually (imagine my excitement), and we're going to see them play on December 3. Can't wait!


Pina said...

I have to say that I like holiday season because it makes easier to survive murky autumn and winter days. I hope to knit a beanie before Christmas, I don't think there will be time for something else.

Suggestions? Considering that you are living in a warm part of the world (at least compared to us here), something made of lemons would be nice to give away for Christmas. What about knitting a blanket?

Bodecea said...

I think I wont do so many self-made things as I wont spend so much afford in a religious event that does not mean anything to me. More important - try to spend some time with my loved one and friends and maybe give some little presents, do a fire if possible, drink and eat good stuff and have a look inside in this (at this side of the earth) dark time "between the years".

I like baking so sometimes I give some Stollen or Cookies.

But why not try Limoncello with your lemons? It's a good stuff I came to know in italy and it seems easy to be made.


Feronia said...

@ Pina -

Lots of gorgeous beanie patterns around. A blanket is a lovely suggestion - thanks :)

@ Bodecea -

Yum - Stollen! Good plan :) I love limoncello but I'm not sure how I'd go about making it...

Bodecea said...

Just use google for recipes of Limoncello ;-)

librarygirl said...

I do lots of foodie gifts - shortbread, rocky road, custard creams. On a lovely op shop plate, tin or something. Yesterday I bought some swisho red and white striped lolly bags - will do shortbread for my work colleagues.

I've also bought some old op-shop picture frames and am doing little special collage pictures for my teens.

Feronia said...

@ librarygirl -

I'm impressed! Lots of lovely ideas there - thanks :)

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

Thanks :)