Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Nostalgia

A little bit of nostalgia today. For no reason at all, Cricket magazine popped back into my head yesterday. I haven't thought about it in years but I read it religiously when I was a child in the late 70s and early 80s. They had a healthy supply at our local library and I would stock up whenever we paid a visit. I found some copies on Etsy yesterday and I've indulged myself by buying them. Did you read Cricket? What did you read as a little one?

And The Magic Roundabout. Brilliant. Did you watch it? I do wonder though that I understood it completely at age 3 or 4. "No wonder she was nationalised"??? Social commentary for the under-fives. I love it!


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh so lovely, i love the covers & that hot air balloon is delightful, love Posie

Feronia said...

@ Posie -

Aren't they beautiful! Can't wait to get my copies from Etsy :)

~ Feronia x

librarygirl said...

Just last week bought an old magic roundabout book at the op-shop: very nostalgic!

Bodecea said...

Ah, I have written so much and all is gone - some bug I guess! So just in short note:

<5 = Wickie, Biene Maja
5-7 = Heidi
7-9 = Captain Future

Neus said...

We don't have Cricket here, but it seems very nice! I can understand your nostalgia, with the fall&rain I feel very nostalgic too.

Feronia said...

@ library girl -

Fantastic! I *love* Dougal.

@ Bodecea -

Ooh, some different ones to what we had here. Biene Maja sounds very cute! And of course we had Heidi. I wanted to be her!

@ Neus -

Yes, autumn is a good time for nostalgia :)