Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lives in a house, a very big house, in the country

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I had a lovely op-shop find yesterday - a 1963 Country Life annual. Do you know Country Life? It's a British magazine that's been around for many years focussing primarily on the tastes and habits of the English landed gentry (or what's left of it these days). Unfortunately I couldn't find any 60s covers online to show you but you get the idea with these two from this year - country houses and dogs. The 1963 number is a real treat, though, with all sorts of genteel articles about art, rambling and the English countryside. Not to mention "Saturday to Monday: A British Institution" - that is, what to pack for a weekend at a country house. Kit yourself out at Burberry, Moss Bros., Pringle and Aquascutum for a start, dress to "defend yourself against brambles" and wear "slacks, if you know your host does not disapprove...but skirts are more general". You couldn't say I don't give you valuable advice here!

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Max said...

I bought a couple of modern CountryLife magazines recently as they featured the renovations of a 364 roomed historic house I used to live near. The tone/content seems very similar to those 1960's ones I have to say!
ps i can't reply to your comments, so could you let me know your address by email ( as your on my 'pay it forward' happy hit list :0)

Feronia said...

Yes, it's almost like a magazine for a bygone era in some ways - but it is lovely! I'll email you now :)