Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, I have to say we did have quite a big weekend of telly here, and this is saying something, because usually it's pretty dismal and I try to avoid switching it on!

Doctor Who wrapped up the season to spectacular effect last night (for someone entranced by the idea of time travel, my little head nearly exploded!), Call the Midwife concluded beautifully (the scene with the crocheted rug had me in tears) and I managed to watch not one night of Eurovision (Friday - Semi-Finals 1), not two nights of Eurovision (Saturday - Semi-Finals 2) but three nights of Eurovision (last night was the Finals).

I thought a lot of the songs were really quite good, which I haven't felt in the last couple of years. Of course, there was your usual quota of Eurovision dross but the winning song (Emmelie de Forest from Denmark singing "Only Teardrops") was very good and a clear winner, Italy was lovely (Marco Mengoni singing "L'Essenziale") and I enjoyed Iceland's entry (Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson singing "Ég Á Líf") too.

My absolute favourite, though, was Anouk from the Netherlands singing "Birds". Beautiful, but perhaps just a bit too melancholy to win Eurovision!

What was your favourite song? And have you been watching Dr Who or Call the Midwife


librarygirl said...

One and a half nights of Eurovision, just watched the doctor again on abc 2 because I adored that finale so much, will have to watch call the midwife on catch up. All we watch now is abc and sbs..... Adoring the giro d'italia too, the cooking night on sbs and that don't tell your mother where the host goes to all the most dangerous places.
I've never watched any of those dumb renovating and singing competitions on the commercial networks, but the showcase of European music on Eurovision I just love. Tour de France coming up too!sorry about the essay love xx

Feronia said...

We re-watched the Dr Who finale too! *So* good :) We're watching SBS and the ABC more exclusively too...the commercial channels are woeful with their unending diet of reality tv. Bleh! Tour de France is good - kind of soothing watching all that lovely French landscape whizzing by!! xx

Sefarina said...

The Doctor would have been a must but is not airing yet, and the esc - it seems like everyone but me was watching it.
Of those three night I was busy with a job on the first, rowing a boat at sundown in a lake on the second an having a thriller film marathon on the third.

Call me misfit ;-)

Feronia said...

You're definitely not a misfit, Sefarina! All of those things (except for work) sound like tons of fun :)