Monday, May 13, 2013

Bug Watch

One thing about keeping chickens is that you do find yourself on bug-watch duty now and then. I just couldn't leave this lovely little guy within pecking range so I brought him inside, off the back steps (where Gladys, Joyce and Jean love to hangout), to have a little respite in a dried flower arrangement while our team of feathered marauders found amusements elsewhere.


trishie said...

That's so sweet of you.

Feronia said...

Thanks Trishie :) I like to look out for the little guys!

Bodecea said...

I did not see it first in the picture, i was looking for a bug like a ladybug ;-).

Sefarina said...

Ugh. I'm glad it's alive, but I think I couldn't have touched it.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

He blended in beautifully, didn't he!

@ Sefarina -

Perhaps I am a little weird...I actually quite like handling bugs!