Friday, August 16, 2013

This Charming Man

 In case you want to go back to the musical source, this lyric comes from The Smiths song "Sheila Take a Bow"

I love it when someone does something really clever but it has to be quirky clever - that's the best clever of all. I'm on Facebook, sometimes against my better judgement, and as The Smiths tragic you now know me to be, I have 'liked' a Smiths page. On that page yesterday was a link to a truly wonderful site - 'This Charming Charlie' ( which is a play on The Smiths song 'This Charming Man' because this site brings together the words of The Smiths with the figures of the Peanuts cartoons. Putting the serious, melancholic lyrics of Morrissey into the mouths of the perpetually sunny Peanuts kids (with the possible exception there of Charlie Brown) is such beautiful fun but also such beautiful pathos as well as being somehow so apt. Genius! I contacted the very talented creator of This Charming Charlie, Lauren LoPrete, and she very kindly gave me permission to post some of the images from her site here.

Lucy and a line from "How Soon is Now"

Schroeder and "Panic"

Lucy and "That joke isn't funny anymore"

Sally ponders the imponderable - "How Soon is Now"


trishie said...

Very clever indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Feronia said...

Had to share my delight, Trishie :)

Diana Kennedy said...

Yes, very delightful read. Ah, I love the peanuts, anyway!

Feronia said...

It's a great combination, isn't it, Diana!