Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To talk again

I have been missing my grandmother lately. I'm not quite sure exactly why. We live in what was my grandparents' house, so I guess they are never far from my thoughts and also they were the only grandparents I really knew - my mother's parents spent a lot of time ill and passed away when I was very small (my maternal grandfather died before I even arrived).

But I have been thinking lately that perhaps it's because I have changed just a little bit in my interests since Grandma died in 2008. As you know, I am now completely into knitting, sewing and baking - things that she would have loved me to have shown an interest in. She was very accomplished in all of these pursuits and I would love now to talk to her about how she does things - this stitch or that cup of flour. That's not to say that she would have been a patient, sweet-natured teacher! I can still recall being told in no mollycoddling or uncertain terms how to knit when I asked at age ten. But it would just be nice to ask and to talk again.

And so I made this very tasty currant cake yesterday from one of my great-aunt's cookbooks, The Kookaburra Cookery Book. I'm thinking it's 1920s at the latest. With lots of nutmeg, it even tastes old-fashioned, reminding me so much for the flapjacks my grandma made every week, without fail, so that there was always something on hand for visitors who came to tea.

Currant Cake

1 cup butter
Half-cup milk
2 cups caster sugar
4 eggs
3 cups self-raising flour
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
Half-pound currants

Combine. Bake for 45 minutes - 1 hour (keep an eye on it) at 180 degrees celsius.


Max said...

how wonderful to live in your old family home, you must feel them so close there. i think of my grandfather almost without fail when i tend roses of work in my vegetable garden both of which were his passions of which i have many happy memories. I wonder what will be a touchstone for reminicing about me by my children or grandchild. hopefully not the computer! x

Gina said...

That sounds like a good cake... and we obviously share interests... sewing, knitting and cooking! Thanks for visiting my blog. x

Feronia said...

Hi Max,
It is lovely to live here, so many happy memories from growing up! I don't think our close relatives are ever far from us, even when they pass away. Just from reading your blog, I would say one of the things your wee ones will reminisce about is the lovely crafty home you created for them to grow up in! x


Hi Gina,
The cake is nearly gone, so it must've been ok! Yes, we definitely share interests! Thanks for visiting my blog too x

trishie said...

What an awesome cookbook! I have a vintage cookbook like that, no pictures and hardly any measurements even.

PS: would love a slice of that currant cake.

Feronia said...

Hi Trishie,

It is a lovely cookbook! I am making butter biscuits from it this afternoon :)