Monday, August 12, 2013

It's the little things that make me so happy

 Five gorgeous little animal postcards from Ikea

I know that things aren't supposed to make me happy. I know that I should delight in the people and not the objects around me. And of course I do. But sometimes, a little acquisition or two can raise the spirits. And they don't even have to be very large.

A delightfully weird Japanese exercise book with a German cover from (the Japanese store) Daiso

Owl cushion cover from Ikea

Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs now have Smurfs in them (oh no, there are nine to collect...)

And two Bowie albums ("Low" and "Heroes") on sale from JB-Hi in the CD player...


Sefarina said...

I want that pillow! And David Bowie ;-)

Feronia said...

They may have them at Ikea in Germany...or I could mail you one, if you like :) I can't mail you David Bowie, though!! (if I had him here, I'd keep him!) :D

Sefarina said...

Good Idea!
I'll get a friend to go shopping with me at Ikea and see if they do have those lovely owls around here, too. ^^

About you not sharing Bowie - good thing you don't have him, because I might move in with your chickens, if he were at your house, you know. ;-p

Feronia said...

Let me know if you don't find the owls, Sefarina.

And I'll let you know if Bowie drops in :D