Monday, December 14, 2009

La Luna

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An interesting study has just come out here, confirming scientifically what many people have known intuitively for a very long time...the Moon is not just another light in the night's sky -

It's a bit of a shame that there was such a big emphasis in the article about the negative effects of a full moon because I believe the lunar phases can also have positive effects on our behaviour too - or, at least, have things to teach us about the bigger picture. Aboveall, I think it's a good message - there is more to the world around us (and beyond us) than we imagine. We are dependent on our natural surroundings, and they have much to tell us. As Shakespeare said it, so much more eloquently: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Personally, I love to look up at a full moon - it seems to me a nurturing rather than an ominous symbol.

My mother worked at an airport in the 60s, and she said that she had a manager who would always behave differently on a full moon. How about you? Are you effected by the lunar cycles?


Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

yes! I have a bit more energy at full moon, but I don't sleep well and have a lot of confusing dreams. At dark moon, I am on a lower level of energy and tend more to lethargy.


Helena said...

Bob T Bear likes to moon a full moon :)

I like full moons as the brightness gives me a lift, and sometimes they look all orange and enormous and it makes me go "WOW!". There aren't many things that make you go wow when you're grown up.... it's nice to be literally in awe once in a while :)

Feronia said...

To Bodecea -

Yes, I feel that I have more energy at full moons too but it's an unusual, restless energy. A lot of people were talking about having bad dreams on full moons when they were talking about this topic on the radio yesterday.

To Helena,

That bear of yours is an imp, but we love him!

And you are so, so right - full moons are one of the few things that still make me go "WOW!", not always a lot of scope for wow-ing when you're a grown-up!

Wurst Semmel said...

i get a lot hairier around full moom. Hee.

Definitely can influence my moods.

Feronia said...

Hey WS...I wonder what happens to our mutual friend Inspector Rex at full moon?

Stardust said...

Now you got me thinking!! I really don't know but I've heard that it possesses energy on certain people.

Me? I'm more like being tossed around by that time of the month! ARGH! Don't you hate that too?!?!

Feronia said...

Maybe those are lunar energies too, Stardust.