Friday, December 11, 2009

Two good things on Friday

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1. Another great yoga session today. I am so enjoying it. During that one-and-a-half hours, there are just tiny, tiny, fleeting moments when I catch just a glimpse of the calm, together person I could be...I just have to keep practicing.

2. So enjoying too picking up little mid-century pieces to add to my slowly retroising house. One great declutter tip I picked up during the week - don't bring anything into your house before you know where you'll put it. And I did just that with these thrifted bits and pieces.


Stardust said...

Hey, I'm so envious that you're enjoying your niche, I've skipped my classes for weeks due to a bad foot, and I badly need to be rejuvenated!

Thanks for the sound tip, it'll sure do me right!

Feronia said...

Hope your foot feels better soon, Stardust, and you can get back to your classes :)