Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy days

Happy days this weekend. Making passionfruit butter on Saturday (our vine is producing at least 6 passionfruit a day); eating passionfruit butter this morning on pancakes; taking a beautiful sunny walk with my DH this afternoon and finding some lovely Tibetan silk yarn to buy... Happy days.


Diana Kennedy said...

Where you live it is just plain summer! I envy you! The canned good looks yummy!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Granny has an enormuss pashunfroot vine over the yeers has startid on wun tree on wun side ov the garden, along the fence at the bottom, and then up a tree on the uther side. Its flowers smell like hunny an vanilla. I shall miss it wen she moovs. Do they like to be mooved? Not the whole thing, but a cuttin? It haz lots ov brite orridge egg-like things, full ov seeds, but they don't get ripe enuff heer to eet.

Feronia said...

To Diana -

The weather is good at the moment - humid but not really searing heat.

The passionfruit butter is good but I think I am putting on weight with it..."Oh better make some toast to go with that butter...!"

To Bob -

Pashunfroot vines are beautiful. I think a cutting would be ok. Why don't you take quite a few cuttings and set them up in pots - one is sure to take.

Bodecea said...

I would love to have some summer days at the moment.. all I see is snow, snow, and more snow since Christmas!


Feronia said...

It has been really, really cold for you, hasn't's been on the news here a lot.

Pina said...

Oh, I hope that they last, those happy days!
I have never eaten passionfruit, but it looks great!

Feronia said...

I guess you just have to enjoy the happy days while they're here, Pina.

Yes, passionfruit *is* excellent.